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   |Spiritual Gifts 
Ministry or Evangelism Gifts

These gifts are possibly the most important of all the gifts.  These gifts are intended to minister to the needs of people.  Outreach efforts of the church will be hindered without these gifts in operation.  Faith, gifts of healing, and working of miracles, are "dynamic" gifts; they draw attention to Christ.


Is there any difference between "faith" and the "Gift of Faith"?_____________________

We are all given a "Measure" of faith.  What is a "Measure"?______________________

The Scriptures say, "Without ________ it is impossible to please God".

Faith = Belief, trust - especially in a higher power.  The fundamental idea in scripture is steadfastness, faithfulness.
Hebrews 11:1-6

The "gift of faith" is faith for the moment.

     A. According to Hebrews 11:1, Faith is both a substance and evidence.  Therefore, our
     faith should have substance.  There also ought to be evidence of our faith.

     B. The scripture declares, "We walk by _______ and not by sight".

          1. The physical realm is temporal while the spiritual realm is eternal.
          2. Faith is the foundation on which we build our relationship with God.  And
          without faith the gifts of the Spirit cannot operate. Heb. 11:3
          3. Faith operates beyond the realm of human restriction and natural limitation.

     C. People with faith are usually more interested in the future than in history.

Gifts of Healing

Sickness is a direct result of sin.  Not that every time we are sick we have sinned, but that sin resulted in sickness and eventually death.  Rom. 6:23  Rom. 5:12

     A. John 9:1-3.  Here we see an example of how the disciples thought that a person
     suffering sickness must have committed sin. 1 Cor. 6:18

     B. James 5:14-15,  Isa. 53:4-5,  1 Peter 2:24,, Matt. 10:1,  Mark 16:15-18

C. In the early church, we see the spoken word being confirmed by the miracles performed
     by the Lord.  It was the miracles that convinced men of the truth of the gospel.
     John 20:30-31  The early church never lost sight of the fact that "healing" was a
     confirmation of the message they preached.  The "gift of healing" is an evangelistic gift.

D. The plural word "Gifts" helps us to understand that healing is to affect three basic areas of our lives: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Working of Miracles

The very word "miracle" implies the supernatural.  Things that can be achieved through physical strength or ingenuity cannot be classified as a miracle.

     A. Working of miracles goes beyond healing.  Healing is confined to the human body.  
     Miracles encompass the whole creation.

     B. Miracles are God accomplishing the humanly impossible.
          1. God never fears a challenge; neither should the child of God.
          2. 1 Kings 18:21.  Elijah faced the challenge.  He had enough confidence to totally
          drench the wood and the sacrifice with four  barrels of water. 1 Kings 18:27

     C. Dan. 3:25  John 14:12  

The New Testament gives us many examples of miracles performed in the church and here are a few examples:

     1. The wedding feast in Cana where Jesus turned the water into wine.
     2.  Lazarus raised from the dead.
     3.  The disciples were delivered from jail by an angel of the Lord.
     4.  Peter's escape from jail.
     5.  God's intervention in the shipwreck off the island of Melita. And Paul's shaking off the

We cannot depend upon "tools" to propel the revival of the last days.  

The gifts of the Spirit must operate in our church or we will not reach our world.

We need to pray and fast until we see the visitation of God.

If revival doesn't happen, nothing else matters!  If revival does happen, nothing else matters!

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