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of the
United Pentecostal Church International

Apostolic Doctrine
Who is God?
60 Questions on the GODHEAD
with Bible Answers
Why did God Choose Tongues?

Bible Study Index 

Introduction to: Class 201                                         

Lesson 1   :Where dose the Bible come from        

Lesson 2a :Repentance

Lesson 2b :Jesus Name Baptism

Lesson 2c :Baptism of the Holy Ghost

Lesson 3   :One God

Lesson 4   :Divorce and Remarriage

Lesson 5a :Principles of Holiness

Lesson 5b :Holiness

Lesson 5c :Holiness      What is holiness?

Lesson 6   :Tithes and Offerings

Lesson 7a :Spiritual Gifts      Proper Perspective

Lesson 7b :Spiritual Gifts      Ministry or Evangelism Gifts

Lesson 7c :Spiritual Gifts      Communication Gifts

Lesson 8   :Fruit of the Spirit